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Math Vocab Quiz (Exam 5)


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Commutative Property
Order does not matter with addition and multiplication
Associative Property
Grouping does not matter with addition and multiplication
Identity Property
Multiplying by one and adding by zero does not change the value of an expression
Multiplicative Identity
Additive Identity
Additive Inverse
The opposite of an expression
Multiplicative Inverse
The reciprocal of an expression
Inverse Property
Adding an expression with its opposite gives 0 and multiplying an expression with its reciprocal gives 1
Property of Zero
Anything multiplied by zero is zero
Distributive Property
a(b + c) = ab + ac
Quotient Rule
Xa/Xb = Xa - b
Power Rule
(Xa)b = Xab
two numbers that have the same absolute value, but are on different sides of zero.
The numerator and denominator switch places