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  1. sallow
  2. queries
  3. insatiable
  4. banality
  5. beneficent
  1. a impossible to satiate or satisfy
  2. b ordinariness; dullness, a trite or obvious remark
  3. c questions; inquiries; doubts in the mind; reservations
  4. d unhealthy looking
  5. e (adj.) performing acts of kindness or charity; conferring benefits, doing good

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  1. unpleasantly loud and harsh
  2. stubbornly unyielding, sticking together
  3. Grimly or scornfully mocking, bitterly sarcastic
  4. a rude or impolite person
  5. concerned with secular rather than sacred matters

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  1. gendarmea subtle distinction or variation


  2. nuancewilling to be taught or led or supervised or directed, easily handled or managed


  3. gesticulaten. one who abandons his religious faith or political beliefs


  4. tacitindicated by necessary connotation though not expressed directly, unspoken, silent; implied, inferred


  5. circumspectunpleasantly loud and harsh


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