Abnormal Psych Quiz 2

Dr. Schwartz is requesting that his client keep a tally of the number of times per hour he says negative things to his wife. Which assessment technique is Dr. Schwartz employing?
a. behavioral interviewing
b. self-actualization keying
c. self-monitoring
d. behavioral observation
Answer: C self-monitoring
Dr. Weiss is interviewing a client using a set of standardized questions, but she occasionally deviates from the original line of questioning to ask follow up questions. What type of assessment device is she utilizing?
a. semi-structured interview
b. intelligence test
c. self-report inventory
d. unstructured interview
Answer: A semi-structured interview
"I don't think I can do this; I just don't think I can. I just can't do this stuff, no, nope." This statement is an example of
a. perseveration.
b. echolalia.
c. clanging.
d. neologism.
Answer: A perseveration
A peculiarity of thinking in which an individual makes a connection between two objects or events that other people see as unrelated is referred to as
a. overvalued ideation.
b. magical thinking.
c. delusion of reference.
d. confabulation.
Answer: B, Magical Thinking
All of Randy's emotional responses are strong regardless of the variety of his emotional expressions. Which of the following dimensions would be most useful in describing Randy's responses?
a. intensity of affect
b. mobility of affect
c. range of affect
d. flattening of affect
Answer: A, intensity of affect
Rita's therapist is trying to determine her current functioning by examining her behavior, thinking, affect, perceptual experiences, and intelligence. The therapist is actually conducting a
a. standardized interview.
b. self-report assessment.
c. mental status examination.
d. psychophysiological assessment.
Answer: C, mental status examination
Which of the following makes it possible to determine whether or not a person is lying on the MMPI-2?
a. observations of the test-taker
b. the reliability scales
c. discrepant scores on 2 of the 10 subscales
d. the validity scales
Answer: D, validity scales
Which of the following subscales of the MMPI-2 is designed to measure social and moral attitudes as well as reactions to authority?
a. schizophrenia
b. psychopathic deviancy
c. depression
d. psychasthenia
Answer: B, psychopathic deviancy
A client constantly claims to have the sensation that spiders are crawling all over her skin. What type of hallucination is this?
a. gustatory
b. tactile
c. auditory
d. olfactory
Answer: B, tactile
Some of the subscales of the Wechsler tests have not been empirically related to everyday behaviors thought to be theoretically connected to these measures. This fact has led some people to question the __________ of the test.
a. validity
b. reliability
c. internal consistency
d. convergence
Answer: A, validity
"Why are you so argumentative?" a teenage girl says to her mother in the midst of a fight that was started by the girl. The girl is using which defense mechanism?
a. displacement
b. reaction formation
c. rationalization
d. projection
Answer: D, projection
A man is compulsive about washing his car after an argument with his wife. According to psychoanalytic theorists, his behavior would be an example of regression to which psychosexual stage?
a. oral
b. anal
c. phallic
d. latency
Answer: B, anal
According to Adler, most disturbed individuals are driven by
a. ego conflicts.
b. penis envy.
c. archetypes.
d. striving for superiority.
Answer: D, striving for superiority
According to Horney and Adler, what is the most important factor in the development of personality?
a. erogenous zones
b. psychosexual conflict
c. interpersonal relations
d. object relations
Answer: C, interpersonal relations
Cheryl used to really enjoy golfing and golfed three times a week. Now that she has not been playing well, she has stopped playing altogether. What principle might a behavioral theorist use to explain her behavior?
a. stimulus generalization
b. punishment
c. extinction
d. stimulus discrimination
Answer: C, extinction
Dr. Blake is probing his client's dreams looking for possible unconscious processes that may be linked to the client's current eating disorder. Dr. Blake's perspective appears to be __________ - oriented.
a. medically
b. psychodynamically
c. behaviorally
d. supernaturally
Answer: B, psychodynamically
Dr. Johnson would like to apply for a promotion but he does not feel he is a competent enough instructor to get the promotion. According to Albert Bandura, Dr. Johnson is questioning his
a. self-esteem.
b. self-efficacy.
c. self-motivation.
d. vicarious ability.
Answer: B, self-efficacy
Gina's therapist is helping her to overcome her fear of public speaking by training her in relaxation techniques and presenting her with gradually more frightening situations in which she performs activities related to speaking in public. This technique is known as
a. systematic desensitization.
b. flooding.
c. cognitive therapy.
d. biofeedback.
Answer: A, systematic desensitization
In addition to providing possible explanations for psychological disorders, theories also provide
a. a framework for interpreting observations about behavior.
b. diagnostic criteria for labeling mental disorders.
c. the foundation on which DSM-IV is constructed.
d. a bias that prevents the client's expectations from being considered.
Answer: A, a framework for interpreting observations about behavior.
The fact that discrimination can lead to psychological problems lends support to the __________ perspective.
a. humanistic
b. existential
c. sociocultural
d. behavioral
Answer: C sociocultural