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a pause in a line of verse, indicated by natural speech patterns rather than due to specific metrical patterns


a depiction in which a character's characteristics or features are so deliberately exaggerated as to render them absurd


a figure of speech by which the other terms in the first of two parallel clauses is reversed in the second


ordinary language, the vernacular


a comparison of two unlikely things that is drawn out within a piece of literature, in particular an extended metaphor in a poem


what is suggests by a word, apart from what it explicitly describes, often referred to as the implied meaning of the word


the repetition of a sequence of two or more consonants, but with a change in intervening vowels, such as pitter-patter, pish-posh, clinging and clanging


two rhyming lines of iambic pentameter that together present a single idea or connection


the metrical pattern, as used in poetry, in which each foot consists of a stressed syllable followed by two unstressed ones


a direct and specific meaning, often referred to as the dictionary meaning of a word


the language and speech idiosyncrasies of a specific area, religion, or group of people


the specific word choice an author uses to persuade or convey tone, purpose, or effect


a monologue set in specific situation and spoken to an imaginary audience. Another term for this could be soliloquy

dramatic monologue

a poetic lament upon the death of a particular person, usually ending in consolation


the continuation of a sentence from one line or couplet of a poem to the next


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