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Maxillary Molars are wider ___ than ___.(___). Widest tooth in the Mouth Faciolingually is ___.
Mandibular molars are wider ___ than ___. (___) Widest tooth int he Mouth: ___.

Faciolingual than mesiodistally; (square or rhomboid shaped occlusal) 1st max molar; mesiodistally than faciolingually (rectangular or pentagon shaped occlusal); 1st mand molar

Maxillary Molars crowns are aligned ___over the roots
Mandibular Molars crowns ___ at the cervix

Directly; tilt lingually

Maxillary Molars have ___ roots (largest is ___, then ___, shortest is ___)
Mandibular Molars usually have ___ roots (a larger ___ and a smaller ___)

3; lingual; mesiobuccal; distobuccal
2; mesial; distal

Maxillary Molars ___ ridge running diagonally from mesiolingual to distobuccal
Mandibular Molars have 2 ___ ridges running directly buccolingually

Oblique; transverse

Maxillary Molars usually have ___ cusps
Mandibular Molars usually have ___ to ___ cusps

4; 4 to 5

Maxillary Molars order of cusp size ___>___>___>___


Mandibular Molars have a ___ incline

B-Lingual incline

Maxillary Molars ___ cervical line of all have a concavity --picks up calculus, difficult to restore


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