Henry V

archbishop of canterbury
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'm happy the Dauphin has such a good sense of humor. Thank you for his present and your trouble.1.2.9For, with God on our side, we'll chastise this prince on his father's own doorstep. Therefore, let every man give some thought to how this noble expedition may be undertaken.1.2.11ow all the young men of England are inspired and have stored their party clothes in the closet. Armorers are doing great business, and all men think about is honor. People are selling off their land to buy warhorses so they can follow the exemplary king into battle as if they had winged feet, like MERCURY In Roman mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the gods, often de picted with winged feet. Mercury. There's a sense of anticipation in the air.2 pBARDOLPHLieutenant common lowlifes and part time criminals looks homeless with mole -once a criminal, now going off to war -appears eager to fight -stolen from french town, a pax a table made out of some valuable material and used in religious rites, sentenced to death, PISTOL doesn't want him to die, FLELLEN says no , -a commoner from London who serves in the war with Henry, and a friend of Pistol and Nim. Bardolph is a former friend of King Henry from his wild young. a theif and a coward, Bardolph is hanged in France for looting form the conquered towns in violation of the kings orderNYMCorporal his fiancé did wrong to him not mad, says the fighting is too violent common lowlifes and part time criminals qurerrel with Pistol -less happy about facing death -a commander from London who serves in the war with Henry, and a friend of Pistol and Bardolph. Like Bardolph, Nim is hanged in France for looting from the conquered towns.PISTOLdoesn't like Nym, vic versa common lowlifes and part time criminals a man of no rank or consequence but fought as gallantly as though he were according to FLUELLEN fierceness according to KING HENRY -less happy about facing death -a comander from London, who serves in teh war with Henry, friend of Nim and Bardolph. speaks with blustery and melodramatic poetic diction. married to hostessHOSTESS QUICKLYPISTOL wife previously promised to marry NymBOYreports that Falstaff is getting worse.I have no doubt about that, since I know there isn't a man among us who isn't with me wholeheartedly, or a soul left behind who doesn't wish us success and conquest.2.2.2CAMBRIDGEwant to punish prisoners betrayed king bribed french agents to kill henry before he sets sail for france.GREYwant to punish prisoners betrayed kingSCROOPwant to punish prisoners betrayed king -surprising because he was a good friend to kingKING OF FRANCECHARLES VI does not underestimate king henryDAUPHINKING OF FRANCE SON, thinks they should be ready to fight says he wants "nothing but conflict with England" in love with horse -sends tennis balls, laughs at king henryCONSTABLEthinks DAUPHIN is wrongMESSANGER3.1.prove you are worthy of your birth, which I do not doubt for a moment. For there isn't one of you so low-born that your eyes don't shine with noble luster. I see you're standing like greyhoundsFLUELLENscared they will blow up everything if don't improve tactics thinks Captain Macmorris is an ass -a captain for king Henry, a close friend of captain gower, comic relief, likable and intelligent and strategistGOWERsays the town is asking for a pause in the fighting for negotiation an army captain and a capable fighter who serves with Henrys campaignMACMORRIS"christ save me" says his nation is a bastard and a coward and a rascal. says he'll cut off FLUELLENS head -captains of king henrys troops from abroadJAMY"before i close my eyes to go to sleep, ill put in some good fighting, or ill lie in the ground dead. and ill kill as valiantly as i can.GOVERNNORsays his land does not have enough to defend themselves and that King Henry should invade their land.KATHARINEstudent the daughter of the king of france. catherine is eventually married off to king henry in order to cement the peace between England and France. she speaks little english.ALICEhas been to England and knows the language teaching Katharine the language -the main of the french princess catherine. alice has spent time in england and teaches catherine some english, though not very well.MONTJOYhas a master messenger french, time to punish proud king henryGLOUCESTEROne of King Henrys menWe're in God's hands, brother, not in theirs.3.6.7ORLEANShas horse against englishRAMBURESCOURTBATESWILLIAMSAMBASSADORbrings tennis balls and message.PROSEhostesssense of humor befitting falstaffCaptain Fluellen and Gowerdiscuss the mines or tunnels that the English side has dug in order to get under the walls of HarfleurCatharinethe daughter of Charles Catharine asks Alice to teacher her to be abel to communicate with King of englandFLUELLEN