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  1. Acquiescent
  2. Caustic
  3. Curt
  4. Petulant
  5. Stagnant
  1. a not moving
  2. b unreasonably impatient like a child
  3. c using few words that seem rude
  4. d compliant, does what he or she is told to do
  5. e criticizes someone in an unkind way, sarcastic

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  1. belittle, treat slightingly
  2. argumentative, someone who wants to take things to court
  3. off hand, unceremonious
  4. expressing praise
  5. swiftness, willingness

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  1. Revilespeak abusively, talk disrespectfully about someone


  2. Excoriateusing few words that seem rude


  3. Pejorativeberate or yell at severely


  4. Ardentusing few words that seem rude


  5. Vilifydefamation of character from afar