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  1. Vilify
  2. Calumny
  3. Revile
  4. Laudatory
  5. Capricious
  1. a speak abusively, talk disrespectfully about someone
  2. b slander; false, malicious comments to hurt someone
  3. c expressing praise
  4. d defamation of character from afar
  5. e impulsive, unpredictable

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  1. using few words that seem rude
  2. unreasonably impatient like a child
  3. argumentative, someone who wants to take things to court
  4. criticizes someone in an unkind way, sarcastic
  5. swiftness, willingness

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  1. Cavaliercriticizes someone in an unkind way, sarcastic


  2. Admonitionfrantic, frenzied


  3. Freneticfrantic, frenzied


  4. Disparagebelittle, treat slightingly


  5. Excoriateberate or yell at severely