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(n) a name or title that distinguishes or identifies


(n) speech sound that consists of either two vowels or a vowel and a semivowel contained in a single syllable


(n) a person for who something is or is thought to be named


(n) the study of human speech, especially its components, structure, and nature; and how it changes


(n) a newly made-up word, phrase, or expression


(n) a particular manner or kind of speech; for example legal parlance


(n) a dialect other than the standard dialect of language, of a particular group


(adj) consisting of many groups speaking different languages; speaking or writing several languages; containing elements or material from difference languages
(n) a person who can speak or write several languages


(n) the ungrammatical usage of a word or construction of a sentence; a violation of good manners or good taste; something out of the normal or proper order


(adj) spoken by or using the language spoken by the common people rather than literary, cultured, or learned people; vernacular; lacking taste or delicacy; coarse; conspicuous and excessive; pretentious

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