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Stem changing verbs e- ie

SFSHS Español III Stem changing verbs e-->ie, i
consentir (e - ie)
to consent
divertirse (e- ie)
to enjoy oneself, to have a good time
herir (e- -ie)
to wound
mentir (e - ie)
to lie
preferir (e-ie)
to prefer
sentir (e- ie)
to regret, to be sorry
sentirse (e-ie)
to feel
cerrar (e-ie)
to close
convertir (e-ie)
1) to convert
2) to change
empezar (e-ie)
to begin
encender (e-ie)
1) to turn on (appliance/light)
2) to light (on fire)
entender (e-ie)
to understand
enterrar (e-ie)
to bury
hervir (e-ie)
to boil
negar (e-ie)
to deny
nevar (e-ie)
to snow
pensar (e-ie)
to think
perder (e-ie)
to lose
preferir (e-ie)
to prefer
querer (e-ie)
1) to want
2) to love
recomendar (e-ie)
to recommend
regar (e-ie)
to water (flowers etc)
sentarse (e-ie)
to sit down (onself)