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Scientific Method
A series of steps that scientists use to answer questions and solve problems
Always in form of a question; the question we are trying to answer by doing the experiment
An educated guess
Data and Results
A summary of the data you have collected (graphs, tables, charts, photos, etc.); all your observations from the experiment
Control Group
Part of an experiment that does not receive any special treatment; used as a COMPARISON
Independent Variable
Factor in an experiment that a scientist purposely changes; the cause
Dependent Variable
The factor that changes (measured) as a result of the experiment; the effect
Problem (example)
How does the amount of water in a bottle affect the sound made when the bottle is tapped?
Hypothesis (example)
If the amount of water is more, then the sound will be lower when the bottle is tapped.
Anything that can affect the outcome of an experiment.
Variables (example)
The size of bottle, the type of water, the type of "tapper", etc.
Experiment (Step of Scientific Method)
Testing your hypothesis.
A generalized rule to explain a phenomenon that is not an explanation.
Data (example)
Empty bottle gave a high sound, a little water gave lower sound, and full gave the lowest sound.
Compare your results and hypothesis. Decide if your hypothesis is right or wrong. Tell what you decide.
A generally accepted "truth" in science that is backed by many repeated experiments.
Quantitative Data
Data that has been measured or identified on a numerical scale
Qualitative Data
Explains or describes results.
Known facts that can be observed by your senses
Guesses that are probably true, based on previous observations and experiences
Observation (example)
Carly is smiling!
Inference (example)
Carly is smiling because science is her favorite!
Example of Quantitative Data
37 cm
Example of Qualitative Data
The solution is bubbling.
"Controlled Experiment"
An experiment that contains only one experimental variable.
Source of Error
Limitations of a procedure or an instrument that causes an inaccuracy in the results
Response to Stimuli
A skunk sprays after being cornered by a predator.
Also a Characteristic of life.
Ability to pass along offspring and a characteristic of life.
Acquisition of energy
Mr. Durante eating a delicious cheeseburger. And a characteristic of life.
A characteristic of life that helps organisms survive in their environment.

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