10 terms

5.4 Internet Safety

Who should you give your password to?
No one
What settings should you have your Facebook page on?
Privacy settings Friends Only
Do you always know who you are talking to online
When is it unsafe to meet someone that you met online
If you don't know who they are in real life.
What should you do if a online friend wants to meet up with you?
Always tell an adult.
What is cyber bullying?
When untrue things are being said about you online.
If you are posting something online what is a good thing to think about first?
Would you want you parents/carer/ or teacher to see it
What does the 'S' in 'https' mean?
What should you look for before entering private details, such as debit card numbers online?
A padlock symbol after https
What should you not give out online?
Your name, phone number or password.