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n. an old saying that has come to be accepted as true; a proverb

Despite what that old adage says, I like to have my cake, eat it, and then have another piece.
n. good will and warm feelings among friends

The football players had a sense of camaraderie which made them an unbeatable team.
v. to struggle with; to maintain or assert

Scientists contend the marine ecosystem is being destroyed at an alarming rate because of human pollution.
n. a conflict or struggle; a point made in an argument
adj. not necessary; irrelevant

The team received a penalty because there were two extraneous players on the field.
n. noisy confusion; uproar

I couldn't hear a word he said over the general hubbub of the party.
v. to follow a winding course; to wander aimlessly

During my vacation, I have no plans other than to meander through the mountains for days.
adj. having or giving off a smell
n. personal belongings; equipment associated with a particular activity

Martha could easily spend hours in any store that specializes in cooking paraphernalia.
adj. careful of and attentive to details, especially ones relating to good manners and behavior

My father was punctilious about having all of his ties lined up by color.
v. to regain health or strength

Hopefully Jean will recuperate quickly and be able to leave the hospital soon.
v. to entertain or delight

Before the concert starts, the comedian will regale the audience with jokes.
adj. doing or requiring a lot of sitting

Many people become obese by overeating and living a sedentary life.
adj. marked by simplicity and lack of luxury

As I entered the room, I was struck by how spartan the decoration was.
adj. relating to the everyday world as opposed to that which is spiritual or eternal

The monk's commitment requires him to ignore the temporal pleasures of the world.
adj. turned or bent to one side in distaste or humor; amusing in a quiet but sharp way

When I asked Lauren "What's up?" she gave me this wry response - "The sky!"

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