Parts of a story

terms for parts of a story along with their definitions. words include: plot, conflict, complications(rising action), climax, resolution, suspense, and foreshadowing
What happensin a story, novel, play, or narrative poem. It is the chain of related events that makes up a story.
A struggle between characters or between opposing forces. An external form of this word takes place between two characters, between a charaacter and a group, or between character and something else. an internal form of this word takes place within the character's own mind or heart. a stroy may have more than one of these.
Complication(rising action)
Problems that come up as characters struggle to reach their goals.
the most exciting or suspensfull part of the story. During this,something happens to reveal how the conflict will turn out
The part of the story in which remaining questions are answered and loose ends of the plot are tied up. it usually comes at the end of a story.
the uncertaintiy or anxiety a reader feels about what till happen next.
Hints or clues that suggest what will happen later in a story. it helps build suspense