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Chapter 18 - Friedland and Relyea

When the last member of a species dies
Inbreeding Depression
When individuals with similar genotypes, typically relatives, breed with each other and produce offspring that have an impaired ability to survive and reproduce
Serious risk of extinction
Svalbard Global Seed Vault
Contains strong seed varieties in case of natural disasters
Extinct species
Existed as recently as the year 1500 but no longer today
Threatened species
Have a high risk of extinction in the future
Near-threatened species
Very likely to become threatened in the future
Least concern species
Wide and abundant
Intrinsic Value
worth independent of any benefit it may provide to humans
Instrumental Value
Value of an organism, species, ecosystem, or the earth's biodiversity based on its usefulness to us.
A good that humans can use directly
Native species
Species that live in their historical range
Exotic Species
organisms that are not native to a particular area
Alien species
Species that live outside their historical range
Invasive specieas
When an alien species spreads rapidly across large areas
Lacey Act
Prohibits the transport of illegally harvested game animals across state lines
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna & Flora (CITES)
Controls international trade of threatened plants and animals
Red List
List of threatened species made by IUCN
Convention on Biological Diversity
An international treaty to help protect biodiversity
Edge Habitat
Where two different communities come together, typically forming an abrupt transition,
Biosphere Reserves
Protected areas consisting of zones that vary in the amount of permissible human impact
Endangered Species Act
Has prevented or altered some construction projects to accommodate threatened or endangered species
Marine Mammal Protection Act
Prohibits the killing of all marine animals in the US and import and export of body parts

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