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  1. diets high in trans-fatty acids are associated with:
  2. Insulin is synthesized and released by the:
  3. bob eats is breakfast. His GI tract will now begin the process of digestion and absorbing the nutrients from this meal. What is the order in which each of the organs of the GI tract will work to achieve this process?
  4. After completing a 10K run, Bonita notices her urine is brown and similar to the color of cola. What does this indicate about Bonita's hydration status?
  5. A fatty acid that contains a chain of 10 carbons and one double bond is termed a:
  1. a increased blood cholesterol levels
  2. b monounsaturated, medium chain fatty acid.
  3. c pancreas
  4. d She is suffering from severe dehydration and needs treatment immediately.
  5. e mouth; esophagus; stomach; small intestine; large intestine

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  1. bile
  2. 582
    85*4 = 340
    20*4 = 80
    18*9 = 162
  3. glucose
  4. theories
  5. table salt

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  1. In the absence of carbohydrate, ____are produced from the incomplete breakdown of the body fat.muscles & liver


  2. Soybeansis a complete source of protein


  3. How many calories are potentially provided by 25 grams of fat?225


  4. what is the primary source of fuel for the brain?to regulate body temperature


  5. ________ are examples of inorganic nutrients.50-70%


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