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  1. what element makes protein different form carbohydrates and fat?
  2. Insulin is synthesized and released by the:
  3. bicarbonate is release into the duodenum during the process of digestion. Why?
  4. the nutrition facts panel on a box of crackers indicates that one serving provides 140 calories, with 55 calories coming from fat, what is the % of fat coming from calories?
  5. To lower cardiovascular risk it is recommended that we consume less than ______ of our total daily caloric intake from saturated fat.
  1. a 7-10%
  2. b 39%

    55/140 = .39
  3. c to neutralize the acidic chyme
  4. d nitrogen
  5. e pancreas

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  1. dietary fiber
  2. muscles & liver
  3. 20-35%
  4. 225
  5. stomach

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  1. Fat-soluble vitamins need to be consumed on a daily basisfat soluble; water soluble


  2. Jane consumed a breakfast that contained 85g of carbohydrates, 20 grams of protein, and 18 grams of fat. How many kilocalories did Jane eat at breakfast?nitrogen


  3. ________ of a adults healthy body weight is fluid.minerals


  4. the smallest units of matter that normally cannot be broken down aretable salt


  5. Over 16 million Americans have diabetes. Which of the following is the most prevalent form of diabetes?a. red blood cells
    b. gallbladder
    c. central nervous system