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  1. glycogens
  2. Diabetes is a condition in which the body does NOT regulate ________ properly.
  3. what is the term that describes the process in which foods are broken down into their component molecules?
  4. carbohydrates contain
  5. Water has a high heat capacity. What does this term mean?
  1. a are NOT major classes of dietary lipids.
  2. b digestion
  3. c glucose
  4. d Water is resistant to change in.
  5. e carbon, hydrogen, & oxygen

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  1. minerals
  2. glucose
  3. contains all 9 essential amino acids
  4. hydrogenation
  5. a. Avoid processed foods such as canned soups and quick cooking items.
    b. Choose fresh fruit and veggies
    c. DASH Diet

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  1. the four characteristics of a healthful diet are adequacy, balance, moderation, and _______.variety


  2. which best explains why carbohydrate digestion ceases when food reaches the stomach?small intestine


  3. which of the following food items would contain the highest amount of saturated fat?butter


  4. Yogurt is tolerated better than milk by many lactase-deficient people because:to regulate body temperature


  5. _______ are strongly accepted principles supported by many hypotheses that have been collectively confirmed through repeated research.phospholipids


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