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  1. In the body, the major storage sites for glycogen are the:
  2. Iron
  3. Vitamins
  4. How many grams of carbohydrate (per day) are recommended to prevent ketosis in healthy individuals? (RDA)
  5. Over 16 million Americans have diabetes. Which of the following is the most prevalent form of diabetes?
  1. a 130 grams
  2. b Is NOT a major mineral.
  3. c muscles & liver
  4. d are classified as a micronutrient
  5. e Type 2

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  1. stomach
  2. is a complete source of protein
  3. 3 fatty acids and 1 glycerol
  4. 64 grams
  5. deficiency of lactase

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  1. cell membranes are primarily composed ofthe culture in which one is raised
    the smell, taste, and texture of food
    the time of day


  2. ________ of a adults healthy body weight is fluid.minerals


  3. Yogurt is tolerated better than milk by many lactase-deficient people because:bacteria in yogurt help digest the lactose.


  4. the dietary guidelines for Americans recommends a minimum of:30 minutes of moderate activity most or all days of the week


  5. which best explains why carbohydrate digestion ceases when food reaches the stomach?salivary enzymes cannot function in the acid environment of the stomach.