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  1. these are many types of diet plans available today. The overall best diet plan is one that
  2. Better suffers from hypertension, and her physician has advised her to reduce her salt intake. Which of the following recommendations would you suggest Bette use to lower her sodium intake?
  3. The majority of dietary chloride is consumed from ______.
  4. The majority of our body's phosphorus is stored in the:
  5. To lower cardiovascular risk it is recommended that we consume less than ______ of our total daily caloric intake from saturated fat.
  1. a table salt
  2. b a. Avoid processed foods such as canned soups and quick cooking items.
    b. Choose fresh fruit and veggies
    c. DASH Diet
  3. c fits the lifestyle and needs of the individual
  4. d bones
  5. e 7-10%

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  1. are NOT major classes of dietary lipids.
  2. is a complete source of protein
  3. False
  4. carbon, hydrogen, & oxygen
  5. fat

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  1. ______ is the slogan used by my-pyramid to encourage gradual improvements in diet and lifestyle.minerals


  2. A triglyceride includes:are proteins that are fundamental to the immune system


  3. A complete Proteincarbon, hydrogen, & oxygen


  4. the exchange system was originally designed for individuals withdiabetes mellitus


  5. bicarbonate is release into the duodenum during the process of digestion. Why?protect stomach cells from autodigestion