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First World countries
Mainly capitalist free-market countries found in Western Europe and their old colonies such as the USA and Australia
Second world
Centrally planned, socialist or communist countries. These countries had different structure to those of the first world and had much more government control of business and public services.
Third world
The least developed countries and developing countries
First, second, third world countries
Old method of classifying world using the way governments were organised. Vastly out of date
North-South Divide
Created in 1971 as a division that exists between the wealthy developed countries, known collectively as "the North", and the poorer developing countries (least developed countries), or "the South."
Problem with N-S divide
Out of date, many countries e.g.China and India rapidly developing
Five - fold division based on wealth
Contained Rich industrialising countries, Oil Exporting countries, New Industrializing countries, Former centrally planned economies (previous communist systems) and Heavily indebted poor countries
GNI (Gross National Income)
Uses wealth as an economic way of dividing up the world according to the World Bank
Map of GNI
Map of first, second and third worlds
Five fold division of wealth map
HDI map
North South divide map