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GCSE Causes of uneven development


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Uneven development
The gap in economic conditions between regions, such as LICs and HICs, because of globalization of the economy
Global inequality
The differences in wealth and power among countries
Poverty Cycle
The cycle by which being poor leads to people being poor.
Poverty Cycle diagram
Produce mainly primary products which have lower values
produce manufactured goods and services of HIGH value
World trade disadvantages poorer countries
as they pay Import tariffs (taxes) on goods, HICS pay subsidies (payments from governments to the producer) which makes them cheaper and world trade system encourages a "race to the bottom"
PHYSICAL factors
The natural things that can affect development, such as climate, natural resources and proximity to the sea
Natural Resources
Raw materials supplied by nature, can boost development if used correctly or limit development if held in the hands of a corrupt few
Climate related disease
Many tropical countries unfortunately suffer from diseases that thrive in hot humid conditions, such as Dengue Fever and Malaria. People who get these diseases are incapacitated and cannot work or may even die, limiting development.
Being landlocked with bad neighbours -
Countries that have no access to the sea are at the mercy of their neighbours e.g. Rwanda
Climatic hazards
Hurricanes and drought are more likely to strike some countries than others. Could have a devastating impact on development. Diverting valuable resources away from other development objectives.
Historical factors
Such as colonial legacy of many countries across the globe has held many countries back. Loss of people to slavery and natural resources