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GCSE Demographic Transition Model and the level of development


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Demographic Transition Model
Graphs Birth rate, Death rate and Natural Increase for countries of different levels of development
Population will increase
If birth rate is greater than death rate
Population will naturally decrease
If the death rate is greater than birth rate
Rates of Natural Increase
Are much higher in the Lower Income Countries of the world
Stable or declining Population
In many High Income Countries
Stages 1 (High fluctuating) and 2 (Early expanding)
Have high brith rates and death rates high or starting to decline - typical in LICs that are growing rapidly with low life expectancies
Stage 3 (Late expanding)
Have population growth with high but declining birth rates and low death rates - typical of Newly Emerging Economies
Stage 4 (low fluctuating)
Low birth rates and low death rates, typical of High Income Coutnries
Stage 5 (population decline and ageing)
the latest stage where life expectancy is going up and fertility falling.
Consequence of ageing (stage 5)
Country has less people to work and more to look after
Consequence of growing population (stage 2 & 3)
Country has many workers for industries but also increasing numbers of people to provide education, housing, medical care for
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