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GCSE Aid to Nigeria


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Country to country assistance such as money or supplies
More than 60%
of those living in poverty are in the north and more than three quarters are estimated to be in rural areas.
60 million
people live in poverty in Nigeria
Nigeria now has 15%
of the world's children out of school
of girls in northern Nigeria attend primary school, and less than 1 in 4 moves on to secondary school.
Electricity supplies
Are poor affecting businesses
£1.14 billion
Amount Nigeria will get in UK overseas aid over the five years from 2013
1/2 million
births delivered with skilled health personnel in targeted sites in northern Nigeria thanks to UK aid
10 million
Anti malaria nets given out in Nigeria thanks to UK aid
5.5 million
Number of people in Nigeria using safer water and living in open-defecation free villages as a result of UK (DFID) support