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GCSE UK infrastructure developments


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The basic facilities that are necessary for a society to function and grow, for examples roads, power stations
Road improvements
Extra lanes can be added to the busiest motorways, the equivalent of at least an additional 221 lane miles in total by opening the hard shoulder to traffic and using new technology
London Gateway
a development on the north bank of the River Thames in Thurrock, Essex. It is just 20 miles (32 km) east of central London and has a new deep-water port, which is able to handle the biggest container ships in the world
a town or city with a harbour or access to navigable water where ships load or unload.
London Gateway logistics park
One of Europe's largest , providing access by road and railways to London and the rest of Great Britain
Heathrow and Gatwick
are our major airports, and act as "hubs" allowing passengers to connect to the rest of the world.
Heathrow expansion
Plans to add a third runway and sixth terminal building
High Speed Rail 2
High Speed Rail 1 - between London and the Channel Tunnel
Phase 1 of HS2
between London and Birmingham will open in 2026 will cut 32 minutes off the journey
Phase 2 of HS2
involves adding a V shaped section, with separate lines going from Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds.
1 hour
The reduction in journey times because of HS2 between Manchester and London
Objectives of HS2
reduce journey times between the cities of the Northern part of England, and also to reduce the journey times to London. The idea is that businesses will function better with less loss of time spent travelling
Government expected cost of HS2
Job creation
70% of jobs because of HS2 are expected in the North outside of London
Number of jobs expected to be created by HS2
250 acres of green belt land
will be built on forInfrastructure supporting the line for HS2.
Sites of special scientific interest (SSSI)
will be sliced through by the linefor HS2