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GCSE A North- South Divide in the UK


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North-South Divide UK
The idea or notion that there is an economic divide between the wealthier south of the UK and the poorer Northern regions
Northern Powerhouse
proposal to boost economic growth in the North of England
Generally people who live in the South of the UK
• Generally earn more per week
• Generate more wealth for the UK
• Are less likely to be unemployed
• Live longer
London and the South East
dominate the UK's economy though, and firms AGGLOMERATE there
Clumping together of industries for mutual advantage.
A fall in the proportion of national output accounted for by the manufacturing sector of the economy - occurred in many northern cities
Exceptions to North South Divide
The south west, London itself has pockets of extreme poverty and the poorer north also has areas of great wealth, such as the oil wealth generated around Aberdeen.
Northern Power House regional "core" cities
Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Hull and Newcastle.
Transport links
Northern Power House plans to improve links between the places, such as motorway developments and railway improvements such as HS2
science and innovation
Will be invested in as is happening in Newcastle Science Central
Devolve the powers of government.
Many of the decisions currently made in London's parliament would be passed on to those Northern cities. This would give northern cities more control on what happens and could help developments be more appropriate to those places. Cities would get their own deals and elected mayors.
the delegation of authority (especially from a central to a regional government)