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Super Bowl


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Super Bowl
A yearly football game played to find the NFL champion.
ball used in playing American football
half time
a rest period between the two parts of play usually when someone performs
player on a football team who throws the football and tells the offense what to do
team trying to stop the other team from scoring
team trying to score
someone who teaches people to improve at a sport
a score in American football worth 6 points
field goal
a goal scored by a kick, scoring three points.
a hard hat that protects your head
goal post
these are located ten yards into the end zone
extra point
a kick, worth one point, that is normally attempted after every touchdown.
football end zone
the area between the goal line and the end line where touchdowns occur
someone who enforces the rules in sports
New England Patriots
team playing in the Super Bowl
Philadelphia Eagles
team playing in the Super Bowl

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