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Government 2035 Quiz 1

The citizens of which of the following countries pay the lowest tax rates?
the United States
The United States had certain rules in place to keep politics within peaceful bounds. These rules include all of the following EXCEPT
West Virginia, the state with the lowest percentage of collage graduates in the United States,
has a higher proportion of collage graduates than most European countries
A government's authority
is evidenced when government officials use their right to exercise power
_____is the ability of persons, groups, or institutions to influence political developments
Sociologist C. Wright Mills was a proponent of the theory of
What is the major barrier to political thinking
unwillingness of citizens to make the effort
In a democratic society, who or what is responsible to personal development?
the individual
In an oligarchy
control rest with a small group, such as military officers or a few wealthy families
Pluralism contends that, on most issues
it is the preference of the special interest that largely determines what government does
What new policy was established by the W.S. Supreme Court's landmark Gideon v Wainwright ruling?
government provision of free legal counsel to the accused if they are too poor to hire a lawyer.
Roughly two-thirds of all lobbyists in the nation's capital represent
business firms
Which of the following is an accurate description of the prevalence of college education in the United States
among adults twenty-five years of age and older, roughly one in four is a college graduate
As described by the authors, "political thinking"
involves the careful gathering and sifting of information in the process of forming a knowledgeable view about a political issue.
The average income of minimum-wage workers n the US and Europe reflect a greater influence of which of the following in the US, when compared to Europe
corporate power
Which of the following is a difference between communism and socialism, as described by the text?
under communism, the government assumes total management of the economy, whereas under socialism, the government does not try to manage the overall economy
In which of the following ways in the US free-market system distinct from the European economies?
the extent to which private transactions determine the allocation of economic costs and benefits
Europeans have a greater acceptance than Americans of
the majoritarian system of government
The Bill of Rights
further checked the power of the majority