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words that are used in a particular area

Verbal Irony

saying something and meaning the opposite (sarcasm)

Dramatic Irony

The audience knowing something that the characters do not/ will soon found out.

Situational Irony

the opposite of what was expected


over exaggerating


words that represent sounds


giving something without life lifelike features


not emphasizing enough, under exaggerating


a description of two things that are alike not using like or as


a description of two things that are alike using like or as


the type of a book or novel


something being retold that happened previously


the author/ character giving hints on something big that is coming up in the story

Indirect Characterization

someone who is characterizing someone that they do not know very much about

Direct Characterization

someone who is characterizing someone that they know very much about


putting characters into categories


something that represents something else


the way the author sees the story


the concept of parts/ the whole book

Dynamic Characters

a character that somehow changes permanently

Static Characters

minor characters


the character that is causing the main character problems


main character in the story

Round Characters

a character that is in the whole book

Flat Character

a character that has one personality throughout the whole story

3rd Person Omniscient

an outsider that narrates who is very close to and knows a lot about the main character

3rd Person Limited

an outsider as the narrator that only knows facts or very little about the main character

1st Person Narrative

A character talking about their own life, a character being the narrator


the end of the story, the resolution


falling action, when the story starts leading to a solution


main point of action

Rising Action

when the story bubbles up, the conflict begins and the tory gets interesting


Where the story takes place



External Conflict

man vs. society, man vs. group, man vs. nature, man vs. man

Internal Conflict

man vs. self

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