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Energy, Work, and Power Vocabulary

Chemical Potential Energy
energy stored in chemical bonds
Elastic Potential Energy
energy stored by things that stretch or twist or compress
Gravitational Potential Energy
energy stored by things attracted to each other by the force of gravity
SI unit of energy
Kinetic Energy
energy in the form of motion; depends on the mass and velocity of the object.
Law of Conservation of Energy
states that energy can never be created or destroyed
Mechanical Energy
sum of potential and kinetic energy in a system.
Potential energy
stored energy due to position; can be converted to kinetic energy when something acts to release it.
½ m •v2 (What is this the formula for?)
kinetic energy
m•g•h (What is this the formula for?)
gravitational potential energy
Thermal Energy
total energy, including kinetic and potential energy of the particles that make up a material; is transferred by conduction, convection, and radiation.
Electrical Energy
electromagnetic (EM) interactions
Nuclear Energy
stored in the nucleus of an atom

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