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Machines Vocabulary

Compound Machine
Combination of two or more simple machines
Measure of how much of the work put into a machine is changed into work done by the machine
Effort Distance
The distance the effort force moves.
Effort Force
Force is exerted on a machine that is used to do work
Inclined Plane
Simple machine that consists of a sloping surface, such as a ramp, that reduces the amount of force needed to lift something by increasing the distance over which the force is applied.
Unit used to measure energy and work; a Newton ∙ meter
Simple machine made from a bar that is free to pivot about a fixed point.
Device that make doing work easier by increasing the force applied to an object, by changing the direction of an applied force, or by increasing the distance over which a force is applied
Mechanical Advantage
Number of times a machine multiplies the effort force applied to it
Unit used to measure force; a kilogram ∙ meter per second squared
Amount of work done, or the amount of energy transferred, in a certain amount of time; measured in watts, W.
Simple machine that consists of a grooved wheel with a rope, chain, or cable that runs along a groove, changes the direction of the effort force, and can be fixed or movable.
Resistance Distance
The distance the resistance force moves
Resistance Force
Force applied by a machine to overcome resistance
Simple machine that consists of an inclined pane wrapped in a spiral around a cylindrical post.
Simple machine
Machine that does work with only one movement; includes the lever, pulley, wheel and axle, inclined plane, screw, and wedge.
Unit used to measure power; a Joule/second
Simple machine that consists of an inclined plane with one or two sloping sides
Wheel and axle
Simple machine that consists of two different-sized wheels that rotate together
Transfer of energy that occurs when a force makes an object move; measured in joules

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