Chapter 3: Accidents and Injuries

Culinary Arts I Period 3 Vocabulary Project

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Substance that can cause cancer
Eats away or dissolves material
Hazard Communication Standard (HCS)
OSHA requirement that operators notify all their employees about the chemical hazards on the job, and train them to use chemical safety; aslo called Haz-Com and Right to Know
Health hazard
Condition that causes long- or short- term injuries or illnesses; can include chemicals that are toxic, carcinogenic, irritating, or corrosive
Legal responsibility that one has to another enforced by law in court
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Information sheet give to the operators by chemical suppliers or manufactures listing hazards and necessary precautions for safe use and storage
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Federal agency that creates and enforces safety related standards and regulations in the workplace
Physical hazard
Material that are flammable, explosive, highly reactive to air or water, or stored under pressure that could cause damage to the property and immediate injury
Property including restaurants and surrounding ares
Workers' compensation
State-administrated program designed to help employees who are injured in accidents that occurred at work, or who has become sick because of job related reason
Deliberate and malicious burning of property
Heat detector
Require a flow of air in order to work well; they must not be located in "dead" spaces, suchaas the ends of the halls, or between ceiling beams
Smoke detector
Able to detect fires where there is no smoke and are activated by a significant increase of temperature associated with fire
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
Restores breathing and heartbeat to injured persons who shows no sign of breathing or pulse
First aid
Medical treatment given to an injured person either for light injuries or until more complete treatment can be provided by emergency service or other health care providers.
Heimlich maneuver
Removes food or other obstacles from a person's airway if someone is choking
An unplanned, undesirable event that can cause property damage, injuries or fatalities, lost time from work, and disruption of work
General safety audit
A safety inspection of an operations' facilities, equipment, employee practices,and management practices
Near miss
An event in which property damage or injury is narrowly avoided