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  1. Lexicographic method
  2. Economists Segmentation
  3. Targeting
  4. Marketers Segmentation
  5. New Buy
  1. a pursuing segment who makes most sense for firm
  2. b Imperfect competition exists; consumers have heterogeneous needs
  3. c High involvement; purchase something that hasn't been purchased before requiring much thought and planning
  4. d compare all brands on most important attribute
  5. e The market is comprised of different segments

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  1. Cultural differences can exist between countries or within a country
    Hot climates require different products than cold climates
  2. Create marketing mixes that meet the segment's needs
  3. if a brand doesn't have important attributes, it is cut
  4. Customer, Company, Context, Collaborators, Competitors
  5. psychographic segmentation tool
    Marketers determine people's attitudes and what they value and use this knowledge to communicate effectively

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  1. Psychological Segmentationget inside the heads and hearts of customers


  2. Placewhere to distribute product


  3. Psychologists SegmentationConsumers have different motivations that drive their purchases


  4. Breadth Segmentation Strategydifferent products for different segments


  5. Perceptual FluencyNeed to determine pricing