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  1. Compensatory model
  2. B2B
  3. Price
  4. Competitor
  5. Mere Exposure
  1. a Business to Business;
  2. b cost/benefits; One excellent attribute can compensate for a poor attribute
  3. c firm works against and how they compare to the firm in terms of resources, capabilities
  4. d how much
  5. e repeated exposure to an ad brings familiarity and a positive feeling

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  1. an agent buying something on behalf of an organization
  2. Stage 1: Determine consideration set; Stage 2: Determine brands in detail
  3. where to distribute product
  4. communicating benefits of product to intended target
  5. serve one segment well

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  1. Selective Attentionconsumers block out what is not relevant


  2. Straight RebuyMedium involvement; something about the purchase is altered requiring some thought


  3. 2 Approaches to Segment MarketManagerial: top down ideation
    Customer-Based: bottom-up customer needs assessment


  4. ValsBusiness to Business;


  5. B2C and B2BBusiness to Consumer;