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  1. Estimate Growth
  2. 2 Approaches to Segment Market
  3. Prepurchase
  4. Marketing Segmentation
  5. Postpurchase
  1. a Managerial: top down ideation
    Customer-Based: bottom-up customer needs assessment
  2. b customer satisfaction, likelihood to repeat, generate word of mouth
  3. c Use census to determine size of next cohort
    Obtain sales data for previous years and extrapolate using a moving average
  4. d identify need/want, search possible solution, build consideration set
  5. e One-to-one Marketing (not profitable)
    Marketing Segmentation (just right)
    Mass Marketing (low customer satisfaction)
    Niche between One-to-one and MKT Segmentation

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  1. get inside the heads and hearts of customers
  2. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  3. Business to Business;
  4. brands are attached to specific attributes in consumers' memory
  5. how much

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  1. Lexicographic methodcompare all brands on most important attribute


  2. Marketers' GoalCreate marketing mixes that meet the segment's needs


  3. ProfitabilityNeed to determine pricing


  4. Behavioral SegmentationAs segment size increases, segments become more heterogeneous
    As segment size decreases, segments become less profitable


  5. Business CustomerA group of customers who share similar inclinations toward a brand