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  1. Breadth Segmentation Strategy
  2. 5 C's
  3. Competitor
  4. Modified Rebuy
  5. Collaborators
  1. a Customer, Company, Context, Collaborators, Competitors
  2. b companies/people a firm works with
  3. c firm works against and how they compare to the firm in terms of resources, capabilities
  4. d Medium involvement; something about the purchase is altered requiring some thought
  5. e serve more than one segment

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  1. behaviors people engage in
    Attitudes can't be observed; behaviors can
  2. get inside the heads and hearts of customers
  3. One-to-one Marketing (not profitable)
    Marketing Segmentation (just right)
    Mass Marketing (low customer satisfaction)
    Niche between One-to-one and MKT Segmentation
  4. Imperfect competition exists; consumers have heterogeneous needs
  5. how much

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  1. Mere Exposureidentify need/want, search possible solution, build consideration set


  2. Positionhow to communicate to targets


  3. B2C and B2BBusiness to Business;


  4. Selective Attentionconsumers block out what is not relevant


  5. Tailored Segmentation StrategyThe market is comprised of different segments