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  1. Brand Associations
  2. Demographics
  3. Subliminal Advertising
  4. Bottom Up Targeting
  5. Purchase
  1. a brands are attached to specific attributes in consumers' memory
  2. b ad that is shown so quickly that is doesn't meet the threshold of liminal recognition
  3. c Marketers may change marketing mix
  4. d profitability (data-informed)
  5. e narrow consideration set, decide on retail channel

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  1. 6 times more expensive to find new
  2. compare all brands on most important attribute
  3. how to communicate to targets
  4. Business to Consumer;
  5. if a brand doesn't have important attributes, it is cut

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  1. Psychologists SegmentationConsumers have different motivations that drive their purchases


  2. Competitionfirm works against and how they compare to the firm in terms of resources, capabilities


  3. Market Segmentan exchange relationship between a firm and its customers


  4. Contextfirm's current and potential customers


  5. Productbenefits, what to make