Legal and Ethical Responsibilites Vocab

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false imprisonmentrestraining an individual or restricting an individuals freedomhealthcare recordsmedical records that contain information about your healthimplied contracta fictional contract created by courts for equitable, not contractual purposesinformed consentnot expressly granted by a person, but by their actions an the facts of the situationinvasion of privacyrevealing personal information about an individual without his or her consentlawa system of rules that a particular country or community recognize and must enforce by imposition of penaltieslegal disabilitiesa condition in which a person does not have legal capacity and is therefore unable to enter into a legal agreementlibelfalse written statement that causes a person ridicule or contempt or causes damage to the persons repuationmalpracticeproviding improper or unprofessional treatment or care that results in injury to another personminora person under the age of full legal responsibilitynegligencefailure to give care that is normally expected, resulting in injury to another personofferpresent something for someone to accept or reject as so desiredphysical abuseabuse involving contact to cause injury, intimidation, or other suffering from physical harmprincipalfirst in order of importance; main; denoting an original sum invested or lentpriveleged communicationall person information given to health perssonel by patient which must be kept confidentialsexual abusea statutory offense causing a person to be engaged in an unwanted sexual act by force or threatslanderspoken comment that causes a person ridicule or contempt or damages the persons reputationtorta wrongful or illegal act of civil law not involving a contractverbal abusea form of abusive behavior involving the use of language