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to convert from one type (form) of energy to another type (form) of energy.
Converting from Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy is an example of
"Rube Goldberg machines"
includes a series of complicated steps that combined together to achieve a simple task.
Rube Goldberg
was an engineer, cartoonist, sculptor and author; he is most famous for his intricate diagrams of very complicated and impractical contraptions that accomplished little or nothing (1883-1970)
conditions that must be satisfied to successfully achieve a challenge or goal.
factors that limit how you can solve a problem.
to show.
observations that can tell you about the presence of some state or condition.
examples of indicators
color change, heat, movement
a plausible conclusion or interpretation based on observations or evidence.
It is snowing, so we will not have school today is an example of a ____________________.
to interpret from observations.
kinetic energy
the energy an object has because of its motion.
2 factors that affect kinetic energy of an object
mass and velocity
A thrown ball is an example of ___________________ energy.
light energy
visible energy that is given off by some objects in the form of radiation.
In a flashlight, the electrical energy traveling through the filament and is transformed into _______________ energy.
radiation/ electromagnetic energy
energy that moves in the form of rays, waves, or particles.
2 examples of electromagnetic energy
xrays and microwaves
give off energy.
electrical energy
the energy of moving electric charges.
When a flashlight in turned on the ___________________ energy in the batteries is tranformed into ________________ energy before it is transformed again into light energy.
chemical electrical
chemical energy
energy stored in chemical bonds
elastic energy
the energy stored in an object when the shape of the object is changed.
2 objects with potential elastic energy are
bouncy balls and rubberbands
sound energy
vibrating air that travels as waves to your ear.
An example of sound energy is
thermal energy
the energy of motion of all the particles in the object; experienced as heat.
An example of thermal energy is a
renewable resource
a resource that is continually resupplied.
An example of a renewable resource is
solar energy
nonrenewable resource
a resource that exits in a limited supply.
A nonrenewable resource would be
fossil fuels
fossil fuel
an energy source that comes from the remains of living things.
a device that was invented to measure energy from the sun (light energy)
potential energy
Energy that is stored and held in readiness

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