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e-ie and ei radical changing verbs

sentir ( ie,i)

to regret

mentir (ie,i)

to lie

hervir (i,i)

to boil

preferir (ie,i)

to prefer

seguir (i,i)

to follow


to ask for

despedir (i,i)

to dismiss

gemir (i,i)

to groan, to moan

medir (i,i)

to measure*

impedir (i.i)

to stop,to prevent

conseguir (i,i)

to get

advertir (ie,i)

to warn

convertir (ie,i)

to convert

divertirse (ie,i)

to have fun

referir (Ie,i)

to relate

corregir (j)

to correct


to argue* to scold
reño, reñeron

reír (i,i)

to laugh

repetir (i,i)

to repeat

exigir (j)

to demand*

vestir (se) (i,i)

to dress, to get dressed

sonreír (i,i)

to smile

dormir (se) (ue,u)

to sleep

sentirse (ie,i)

to feel (ill,well)

consentir (ie,i)

to consent

despedirse (i,i)

to say goodbye, to take leave of

servir (i,i)

to serve

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