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  1. sherman antitrust act
  2. meat inspection act
  3. federal reserve act
  4. suffragist
  5. discrimination
  1. a law passed in 1906 that began inspection of meat packing plants, law was created after "the jungle" was published and citizens pressured to have the law made
  2. b passed to regulate banking
  3. c men and women who fought for the right to vote
  4. d unequal treatment because of race, religion, or ethnic background
  5. e first federal law to control trusts and monopolies

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  1. direct election of senators, passed in 1913
  2. gave congress the power to tax people's incomess
  3. restricted japanese immigration to the united states
  4. protection and preservation of natural resources
  5. required railroads to charge "reasonable and just" rates and to publish those rates, created the interstates commerce commission to supervise railroads and later trucking

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  1. oregon systemfavoring reform


  2. trustcombination of corporations with the purpose of reducing competition and controlling prices


  3. muckrakerjournalists who wrote stories that brought public attention to problems and exposed corruption and injustices


  4. arbitrationsettling a dispute by agreeing to accept the decision of an impartial outsider


  5. political bosspowerful organizations linked to political parties who controlled local governments in many cities


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