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  1. conservation
  2. political boss
  3. square deal
  4. progressive
  5. civil service commission
  1. a favoring reform
  2. b protection and preservation of natural resources
  3. c fair and equal treatment for all
  4. d set up competitive examinations for federal jobs
  5. e representative for or head of the political machine, gained votes for their parties by doing favors for people

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  1. first federal law to control trusts and monopolies
  2. gave congress the power to tax people's incomess
  3. passed in 1906 requiring accurate labeling of food and medicine and banning the sale of harmful food
  4. men and women who fought for the right to vote
  5. direct election of senators, passed in 1913

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  1. pendleton actestablished the civil service commission


  2. meat inspection actlaw passed in 1906 that began inspection of meat packing plants, law was created after "the jungle" was published and citizens pressured to have the law made


  3. referendumthe appointments or privledges that a politician can give to loyal supporters


  4. prohibitionpassing of laws to prohibit the making or selling of alcohol


  5. recallenabled voters to remove unsatisfactory elected officials from their job