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  1. primary
  2. prohibition
  3. civil service
  4. interstate commerce act
  5. sixteenth amendment
  1. a required railroads to charge "reasonable and just" rates and to publish those rates, created the interstates commerce commission to supervise railroads and later trucking
  2. b passing of laws to prohibit the making or selling of alcohol
  3. c body of non elected government workers
  4. d gave congress the power to tax people's incomess
  5. e an election in which members of a party choose candidates for a governmental position

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  1. fair and equal treatment for all
  2. let people do as they choose
  3. passed to regulate banking
  4. journalists who wrote stories that brought public attention to problems and exposed corruption and injustices
  5. favoring reform

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  1. pendleton actthe appointments or privledges that a politician can give to loyal supporters


  2. referendumgave voters the opportunity to accept or reject measures that athe state legislature enacted


  3. discriminationprotection and preservation of natural resources


  4. pure food and drug actfirst federal law to control trusts and monopolies


  5. civil service commissionhas the power to investigate corporations for unfair trade practices