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(noun) the structure, feel, and appearance of something (as cloth)
(verb) to give a particular texture to
(noun) an unsteady walk
(verb)to place or arrange or be arranged in a zigzag but balanced way
(verb) to cause or feel great surprise or shock
(verb) to move or cause to move unsteadily from side to side as if about to fall
(adjective) containing rough hard bits especially of sand
(adjective) showing toughness and courage
(adjective) harshly realistic
(noun) a substance made of two or more metals melted together (brass is an _____ of copper and zinc.)
(verb) to examine or look over carefully
(v) to examine or look over quickly

(v) to examine with a special device (as a scanner) especially to obtain information
(adj) capable of being easily hurt or injured
(adj) open to attack or damage
(n) an animal of mixed or uncertain origin
(adj) of mixed or uncertain origin
(v) to run rapidly from view
(v) to sink (a ship) by cutting holes through the bottom or sides
(n) a pail or bucket for carrying coal
(n) a small opening with a lid or cover (as in the deck of a ship)
(adj) having a rough uneven surface
(adj) strong and determined
(adj) involving hardship
(n) a pointed roof especially of a tower
(v) to rise in or as if in a spiral
(n) a slender candle
(v) to make or become gradually smaller toward one end
(v) to grow gradually less and less
(adj) not capable of being affected by a disease
(adj) not influenced or affected by something
(adj) having special protection from something that is required for most people by law
(n) a mineral mined for its valuable uses such as gold
(v) to stop being strong or successful
(v) to begin to fail or weaken
(v) to begin to walk or move in an unsteady way
(v) to feel doubt about doing something
(v) to pass on or introduce a germ, illness, or disease to
(v) to cause sickness in
(v) to cause to share similar feelings
(n) a building with machinery for grinding grain into flour
(n) a machine or device that prepares a material for use by grinding or crushing
(n) a factory using machines to make a product from raw material
(v) to move about in a circle or in disorder
(v) to subject to processing in a mill
(v) to make slower or less energetic
(v) to make less tight or firm
(v) to make very full
(v) to flood with goods so that supply is greater than demand
(v) to move in a slow or awkward way
(n) wooden boards or logs that have been sawed and cut for use
(v) to go aimlessly from place to place
(v) to talk or write without a clear purpose or point
(v) to grow or extend in many directions (a rambling vine)
(n) a long walk for pleasure
(n) a long speech or piece of writing that goes from one subject to another without any clear purpose or direction
(adj) tightly stretched
(adj) very tense
(adj) firm and not flabby
(pronoun) that which belongs to me
(n) a pit or tunnel from which minerals are taken
(n) an explosive device placed in the ground or water and set to explode when disturbed
(n) a rich source of supply
(v) to dig or work in a mine
(n) a pointed rod used to keep an animal moving
(n) something that urges or forces someone to act
(v) to urge or force a person or an animal to act
(adj) without something that is needed or wanted
(adj) extremely poor
(n) a place where objects are made by heating and shaping metal
(v) to bring into existence
(v) to shape and work metal by heating and hammering
(v) to produce something that is not genuine
(v) to move forward slowly but steadily

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