Verbs 34-69

to brag about
presumir de
to break in (to a conversation)
meterse en
to break up with
romper con
to bump into, to run into
darse con
to communicate with
comunicarse con
to complain about
quejarse de
to contribute to
contribuir a
to count on
contar con
to dare to
atreverse a
to die from
morirse de
to do something again
volver a
to dream about
soñar con
to enjoy, to reap the benefits of
disfrutar de, gozar de
to fall in love with
enamorarse de
to feed
dar de comer
to feel like (doing something)
tener ganas de
to fight for/against
luchar por/contra
to find out about
enterarse de
to finish (doing something)
terminar de
to flee from, to run away from
huir de
to flirt with
coquetear con
to forget about
olvidarse de
to gain weight
aumentar de peso
to get along well/badly/awfully wtih
llevarse bien/mal/fatal con
to get angry with
enojarse con
to get divorced from
divorciarse de
to get engaged to
comprometerse con
to get into (a vehicle)
subirse a
to get married to
casarse con
to get off of, to get out of (a vehicle)
bajarse de
to get together with
reunirse con
to get used to
acostumbrarse a
to go into
entrar en
to go on a hike
ir de excursión
to go on vacation
irse de vacaciones
to go out (to eat)
salir para