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to brag about

presumir de

to break in (to a conversation)

meterse en

to break up with

romper con

to bump into, to run into

darse con

to communicate with

comunicarse con

to complain about

quejarse de

to contribute to

contribuir a

to count on

contar con

to dare to

atreverse a

to die from

morirse de

to do something again

volver a

to dream about

soñar con

to enjoy, to reap the benefits of

disfrutar de, gozar de

to fall in love with

enamorarse de

to feed

dar de comer

to feel like (doing something)

tener ganas de

to fight for/against

luchar por/contra

to find out about

enterarse de

to finish (doing something)

terminar de

to flee from, to run away from

huir de

to flirt with

coquetear con

to forget about

olvidarse de

to gain weight

aumentar de peso

to get along well/badly/awfully wtih

llevarse bien/mal/fatal con

to get angry with

enojarse con

to get divorced from

divorciarse de

to get engaged to

comprometerse con

to get into (a vehicle)

subirse a

to get married to

casarse con

to get off of, to get out of (a vehicle)

bajarse de

to get together with

reunirse con

to get used to

acostumbrarse a

to go into

entrar en

to go on a hike

ir de excursión

to go on vacation

irse de vacaciones

to go out (to eat)

salir para

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