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LAB 2 CHAPTER 11 parts of a needle and syringe


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Hub (N)
fits onto the top of the syringe
shaft (N)
inserted into body tissue. length 3/8 in-3 inches
lumen (N)
opening of the shaft where medication flows through
point (N)
located at the end of the needle shaft
bevel (N)
slanted part of the point used for easy insertion into the skin and the slit like cut heals quickly
each needle has a gauge (18-27)
-the gauge of the needle is determined by the diameter of the lumen. as the gauge increases the lumen decreases
-ex. 27 G is a thinner needle than 18G
-always choose the smallest gauge appropriate for the type of injection
barrel (S)
holds the medication and contains calibrated markers to measure the proper amount of the medication
flange (S)
helps with injecting the medication
plunger (S)
moves medication in and out of the barrel
hypodermic syringes
used to administer intramuscular injections. calibrated in mL
insulin syringes
designed specifically for the administration of insulin. calibrated in units
tuberculin syringes
used to administer a small dose of medication for the tuberculin test