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  1. impurity
  2. substitute
  3. perpetual
  4. aggravation
  1. a a source of annoyance or exasperation
  2. b to replace one thing or person for another
  3. c lasting or seeming to last forever or for a long time, continuous
  4. d something that is harmful or dirty

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  1. a thing that costs more than one can afford
  2. full of lively spirit
  3. the saving or protection of something through careful use
  4. To increase in number or amount, to pile up, collect, or gather.
  5. to place in danger

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  1. aggravationannoyance; exasperation


  2. perilousdangerous


  3. resourcefulable to deal with difficult problems


  4. diminishsevere' extreme


  5. resourcea supply that can be used when there is a need


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