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  1. frugal
  2. sustain
  3. Accumulate
  4. substitute
  5. resource
  1. a to keep up, to support
  2. b careful in spending or using something
  3. c a supply that can be used when there is a need
  4. d To increase in number or amount, to pile up, collect, or gather.
  5. e acting in place of someone or something else

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  1. To make worse
  2. able to deal with difficult problems
  3. to anger or annoy
  4. spending, costing, or using more than is required
  5. something or someone that replaces another

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  1. resourceskill in dealing with a difficult situation


  2. imperilto place in danger


  3. extravagancea thing that costs more than one can afford


  4. aggravationannoyance; exasperation


  5. diminishTo make or become smaller or less; to reduce