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  1. resource
  2. aggravation
  3. sustain
  4. vital
  5. substitute
  1. a skill in dealing with a difficult situation
  2. b to suffer; to undergo
  3. c full of lively spirit
  4. d acting in place of someone or something else
  5. e annoyance; exasperation

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  1. of the greatest importance
  2. to place in danger
  3. something or someone that replaces another
  4. To save by using carefully
  5. lasting or seeming to last forever or for a long time, continuous

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  1. vitalnecessary for continued life or prosperity


  2. extravagancethe quality of being wasteful or spending more than is necessary


  3. impurityto place in danger


  4. perilto place in danger


  5. extravagancea thing that costs more than one can afford