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  1. Inflammation of the vagina.
  2. Inflammation of the ureter(s).
  3. The lesion of tuberculosis.
  4. Degeneration of the posterior part of the spinal cord as a result of tertiary syphilis.
  5. A severe, often fulminating, meningococcal blood infection which results in adrenal hemorrhage.
  6. The formation of a blood clot within the cardiovascular system.

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  1. Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)Temporary interference with the blood supply to the brain.


  2. VolvulusA twisting of a segment of intestine.


  3. UlcerAn area of localized necrosis on the skin or mucous membrane.


  4. Tubal PregnancyThe presence of toxic waste products in the bloodstream as a result of a diseased kidney failing to perform its filtering function.


  5. TracheitisInflammation of the trachea.


  6. VesicleVaricose veins of the spermatic cord.