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Romeo and Juliet Character List


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The Prince
The Prince of Verona, Mercutio and Paris are his kinsmen, worried about the peace of Verona
A kinsmen of the Prince, wants to marry Juliet, promised by Capulet that they will be married
A Capulet servant for the Nurse
Romeo's servant, brought news of Juliet's fake death
Son of Montague, was in love with Rosaline, went to a party uninvited by the Capulets, fell in love with Juliet, challenged by Tybalt
Daughter of Lady Capulet and Capulet, Paris wants to marry her, falls in love with Romeo, secretly married Romeo
Father of Juliet, doesn't know Juliet's feelings, tries to set her up with Paris, can become enraged
Lady Capulet
Mother of Juliet, excited for Juliet to marry Paris, relies on Nurse for help and support
Father of Romeo, concerned for Romeo and his unknown sadness
Lady Montague
Mother of Romeo, dies of grief after Romeo is banned from Verona
Nephew to Montague, tries to stop fights between the families, tries to draw Romeo away from Rosaline
A kinsmen to Romeo, close friend, makes fun of Romeo for loving, makes fun of the Nurses outfit, likes to talk, Queen Mab speech
Cousin to Juliet, becomes angry when he is insulted, challenges Romeo to a duel after spotting him at the party, great fighter
Friar Lawrence
One who married Romeo and Juliet, hopes to bring peace to Verona, expert in potions and herbs
Juliet's closest friend, cared for her, doesn't understand why Juliet wants to marry, but believes in the marriage
The man who sold the poison to Romeo
Friar John
A Franciscan friar, charged by Friar Lawrence for the fake news that Juliet had died, but doesn't get the news to him