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BYU Disease prevention

Section Five
What is a disease that is transmitted by an infectious agent such as a virus or bacteria?
Which of the following lists all non-communicable diseases?
arthritis, Alzheimer's, heart disease
Which disease CANNOT be vaccinated against?
heart disease
Wounds, coughing, sneezing, vomiting describe what part of the chain of infection?
Means of an exit
What is the BEST thing people can do to reduce the spread of infection?
wash hands frequently through the day
Which disorder is associated with the inability to breathe because the air passages narrow and fill with mucous?
Which of the following types of cancer is NOT described correctly?
leukemia—cancer of the sense organs like eyes and ears.
What is the name of a cancerous tumor that spreads beyond its borders?
# Juan wakes up in the middle of the night complaining of left arm pain that is moving into his neck. His wife tells him he is probably having heartburn and to take an antacid and go back to sleep. What life-threatening condition may Juan be experiencing?
Heart Attack
Kelly is fixing dinner for her family when she complains of a severe headache. Whithin seconds, the right side of her face is drooping and her speech becomes slurred. Kelly should be evaluated for what potentially serious condition?
Eight-year-old Ian has just moved with his family to a new neighborhood and school. His mother is concerned that he looks thin and pale and, although he seems to have an abnormally large appetite, he does not gain weight. He frequently gets up at night to urinate. He drinks a lot of water and complains of being thirsty all of the time. What condition may Ian be suffering from?
diabetes mellitus
Alexis has been complaining of stiffness in her fingers every morning. She feels better after she has showered—but notices her rings don't fit on her fingers the way they once did. From which disorder may she be suffering?
Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for osteoporosis?
high amounts of exercise
Which type of diabetes is traditionally known as adult-onset diabetes but is now seen in younger teenagers?
Type Two
Which disorder is associated with the formation of fatty plaque on the wall of arteries? It will decrease the amount of space that blood has which reduces the amount of oxygen to the body tissues and can result in a heart attack when the heart muscle dies or a stroke when the brain tissue dies.
What is the disorder called when heart no longer is able to pump blood effectively through the body resulting in swelling and difficulty breathing?
Congestive Heart Failure
Autism, muscluar dystrophy, spina bifida, and cleft palate are examples of:
Birth Defects
Which major disease of the brain results in the destruction of the nerves resulting in memory loss, personality changes, and the loss of one's independence to care for him or herself?
Alzheimer's Disease
Which birth defect results in an open spinal chord and may interfere with one's ability to walk and use the bathroom?
spina bifida
List challenges that can accompany living with a chronic illness.
expensive medication and equipment; emotional challenges dealing with the idea of death or physical impairment; physical limitations that affect work and hobbies
Which health care worker would be responsible for getting a sample of blood from a patient that could be used to test sugar levels for diabetes?
Which health care worker would be responsible for help someone learn how to walk again after they have suffered a stroke?
physical therapist
Which health care worker would be responsible for designing a diet for someone who had a heart attack and also suffers from atherosclerosis and hypertension?
What is a typical reason that a two-year-old should see a health care provider?
to receive an immunization
While visiting your grandmother, you notice she loses her balance easily, has slurred speech, and is confused. Why should you get professional help from her health care provider?
She may be having a stroke and needs immediate care.
An injection of which of the following can help to the body improve one's own immunity and life-long resistance to specific types of infectious diseases?
Which of the following diseases is best described by chronic pain and swelling in the joints?
Which health care professional would be responsible for providing an ultrasound to a pregnant woman to visualize the fetus and its development?
radiologic technician
What is hypertension?
high blood pressure
Which birth defects occurs when the roof of the mouth does not fuse together?
Cleft Palate
The loss of which hormone contributes to osteoporosis?
Which of the following might best describe how people with asthma feel during an asthma attack?
they are trying to breathe through what feels like a small straw
When the body doesn't produce insulin, what is the effect?
cells don't absorb enough glucose and the blood sugar is high
What can people do to reduce their risk of developing type 2, or adult-onset, diabetes?
eat a healthy diet and maintain a proper body weight
What can people do to reduce their risk of developing skin cancer?
wear sunscreen or protective clothing when outside
What is the most prominent and preventable risk factor contributing to lung cancer?
What is the single, most effective means of breaking the chain of infection?
Washing hands throughout the day
Which condition best describes atherosclerosis?
fatty plaque and cholesterol buildup inside arteries
How is brain tissue destroyed by a stroke?
A blocked artery deprives part of the brain of oxygen.
A fifty-two-year-old woman feels a squeezing, crushing pain in her chest. The pain also extends to her left arm, neck, and shoulder. She is short of breath. What is she suffering from?
A heart attack
What is metastasis?
cancer cells leaving a tumor and invading other parts of the body
Which of the following best increases the chance of surviving nearly any type of cancer?
Early detection
What infection is transmitted by mosquitoes and is relatively new to the United States and can cause flu-like symptoms that can result in encephalitis?
West Nile Virus
There have been documented cases of HIV being passed through all these ways except which of the following?
excessive sweating
Which of the following is a myth about HIV and AIDS?
Only homosexual men get AIDS.
What is the most common way hepatitis A is transmitted?
What is the only sure way to avoid contracting a sexually transmitted disease?
How does HIV affect the body?
It infects certain white blood cells, destroying the immune system and making the body susceptible to infection.
Which type of diabetes generally occurs in young adults and children and always requires insulin as part of the treatment plan?
Type 1
What is the most fatal form of skin cancer associated with moles?
malignant melanoma
What disease is caused by a bacteria and can be sent in a powdery form for bioterrorism and leads to difficulty breathing and even death?
What is the general name for all infections that cause diarrhea to occur?
Which fat leads to atherosclerosis and can contribute to one's risk of a heart attack or stroke?
What is key to improve cancer's survival rates?
programs that stress early detection and intervention
What is the disease that involves changes in the nerves and chemicals of the brain leading to memory loss, personality changes, and complete dependency?
Which STD can cause blindness in a newborn baby if it infects the baby's eyes during the birth process while producing a greenish yellowish drainage from the reproductive organs of the infected adults?
How is hepatitis B typically transmitted
sexual contact or contact to infected blood
Which STD begins as chancres or open lesions on the reproductive organs and can invade the nervous system causing difficulty speaking, headaches, blurred or diminishing vision, seizures, problems with memory and thinking, and depression?
Genital Herpes
Which organ is affected by hepatitis?
Which of the following bacterial STDs is the most common in the United States causing the formation of a painless lesion which may result in scarring of the pelvic organs and sterility?
The lack of which of the following hormones from the pancreas prevents the body from regulating its own blood sugar?
What is the cause of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy?
Which of the following best describes symptoms of BSE (Mad Cow Disease)?