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  1. how are notes, assignments, and quizzes stored in the binder?
  2. what is written in right hand corner of every submitted assignment?
  3. Instructor's name?
  4. what must be on absentee makeup work?
  5. _____ disrupt another opportunity to learn
  1. a never
  2. b the date of absence
  3. c Mr. Kiersznowski
  4. d name, class, assignment, and date
  5. e by date order

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  1. short, multiple choice, announced or unannounced reading on-line/psych-tech/classroom and lesson quizzes
  2. Psychology: Themes and Variations, 8th Edition
  3. textbook summary sections
  4. 5
  5. 20%

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  1. what will everyone receive?by raising your hand


  2. note examples and ideas that are _____not written


  3. part I of test2 essay questions, 50 minutes


  4. demonstrate proficiency with the __, __, and __ __ of psychology conceptsthe scientific method, critical analysis skills


  5. assignments are meaningful toward ____reaching expressed objectives


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