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  1. review _____ in textbooks
  2. what is the final?
  3. consequences for persistent disruption of class
  4. grade system: exams=?
  5. follow all group ____ and ____ rules
  1. a the released AP exam
  2. b verbal warning, phone call home, conference w/ parent/guardian, detention, and out-of-class suspension
  3. c activity; debate
  4. d 50%
  5. e terms and concept sections

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  1. 5
  2. true
  3. short, multiple choice, announced or unannounced reading on-line/psych-tech/classroom and lesson quizzes
  4. concepts
  5. an opportunity to express their opinions

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  1. chapter exams consist of what?the released AP exam


  2. how are notes, assignments, and quizzes stored in the binder?by date order


  3. course objectives: score what on AP test?multiple choice and free response


  4. grade system: quizzes=?20%


  5. how will assignments and tests be returned to you?in a timely and effective fashion