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kosa kata untuk seni Indonesia tradisional dan hiburan modern



ukiran kayu

wood carving

ukiran batu

stone carving

membuat perhiasan perak

making silver jewellery

membuat batik

make batik

main gamelan

to play in the gong orchestra

main angklung

to play the "angklung" (bamboo shaking instrument)

wayang golek

3D puppet

wayang wong

people performing the wayang roles

wayang kulit

shadow puppets (made of leather)


the palace (also = keraton)


wavy bladed dagger

balapan mobil

car racing (think Jakarta drift, illegal straight races)



main olahraga

play sports


kite flying



nonton konser

watch a concert

main bulu tangkis

play badminton

main sepak takraw

play game like hacky sack with a bamboo ball

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