13 terms

Series 7 Formulas

Dividend Yield
Annual Dividend / Current Market Price
Current Yield
Annual Intrest / Current Market Price
Number of Shares for Conversion
Par Value / Conversion Price
Bond Market Value / Number of Shares
Tax Free Equivalent Yield
Coporate Rate x (100% - Tax Bracket)
Tax-Equivalent Yield
Municipal Rate / (100% - Tax Bracket)
NAV of Mutual Fund Share
Fund NAV / Number of Shares Outstanding
Sales Charge Percentage
Public Offering Price
NAV per Share / (100% -Sales charge Percentage
Dollar Cost Averaging
Total Dollars Invested / nUmber of Shares Purchased
Average Market Price
Share Price Total / Number of Investments
Number of Outstanding Shares
Issued Shares - Treasury Shares
NAV of Mutual fund
Assets - Liabilities