Sociology Test 1

How does sociology differ from conventional wisdom?
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Representative samplemore diversity, applies to all of the populationFaulty causationThe faulty assumption that because one event follows another, the second necessarily causes the firstHow is excellence achieved?xcellence requires qualitative change not quantitative increasewhat is more important: how much one practices or what one practices?What one practices. Practicing the little things will make you ultimately betterWhy are many great Canadian hockey players born in Jan, Feb, and March and few in Oct, Nov, and Dec?When they were younger, the Jan-March kids were almost a year older than the later months and had better opportunitiesWhy is a plane more likely to crash when a more experienced pilot is flying?Other people are less likely to point out mistakes because they think the pilot knows everything and small errors add up to cause most crashes17. In what ways are weak ties better than strong ties?Weak ties allow more diversity in meeting new people and making new connections16. What similarities do the marriage market and the job market share with one another?Weak ties allow more diversity and opportunities to meet new people in both markets.How does the New Orleans article demonstrate the weakness of strong ties?strong ties anchored people in place, weak ties facilitated mobility