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Study Guide for Biology- Evolution


Genetic Variation is the......differences

Appearances, behaviors, and Capabilities

G. Variation provides the diversity of...?

increases, changed

G. Variation.....the chances of some members of a species to survive under...?

beak shapes of finches that were geographically altered

Darwin studied...?

Selective pressure

The differences of the birds was based on...?

Common Ancestors

The similarities of the birds were because...?

Natural Selection

Evolution happens because of

Genetic Variation

Natural Selection requires...?


N. Selection leads to increased survival and...?


N.Selection leads to survival and reproduction to those the environment


N. Selection acts on the ...., or physical appearance of an organism


The ultimate measure to carry on a species is..?

Not be successful

Without reproduction, to carry out a species will...?



millions of years

Evolution occurs every...

populations, not

...evolve, but individuals do..evolve!!!


the main factor that determines the outcome of the birds was to access...?

adult birds, beak shape

The # of ....that survived determined how many babies would be born with....?


While some bird died, the pop. as a whole survived. However the G. Variation....?

6, 5

At first, there was .... phenotypes but eventually, there was...phenotypes

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