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physical science

the study of matter and energy


the stuff of which things are made


the study of all forms of matter and how they interact
(properties, structure, how substances behave under different conditions, i.e. heat)


the study of energy and how it effects matter
(motion, force, gravity, electricity, light, sound)

scientific method

a series of steps that scientists use to answer questions and solve problems


any use of the senses to gather information


possible explanation for a set of observations or possible answer to a scientific question

an "if-then" statement

controlled experiment

a control group and an experimental group. both groups are the same except for one factor.


a factor [in an experiment] that is different or changed


organize data
decide if data supports hypothesis
(sometimes data can be misleading)

scientific theories

a unifying explanation for a broad range of hypotheses and observations that have been supported by testing
theories have not been proven
i.e. creation, evolution


summary of many experimental results and observations. determined by nature. tell you WHAT happens but not WHY. i.e. gravity


a representation of an object or system

volume:basic unit-liquid and solid

solid=cubic meters

mass: basic unit


temperature-basic unit


lwh (Bh)


volume of an irregular object

measure how much liquid the object displaces (1 ml=1cm cubed)


the amount of matter something is made of


a measure of how hot or cold something is

water freezes:

0 celcius
32 fahrenheit

body temperature

37 celcius
98.6 fahrenheit

boiling point

100 celcius
212 fahrenheit

derived quantities

Quantities formed from combinations of other measurements are called


a measure of how much surface an object has


the amount of matter in a given space

steps of the scientific method

problem/question, observation, hypothesis, testing (experiment), data, analysis, [conclusion]



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