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the study of life

List what biologist do

study the diversity of life, research diseases, develop technologies, improve agriculture, preserve the environment

the levels of organization in the body from smallest to largest are

cells, tissues, organ, organ system


the addition of mass to an organism and the formation of new cells


the process o natural change that takes place during the life of an organism


the production of offspring


anything in the external and internal environment that causes some sort of reaction


the reaction to a stimulus

Living things get there energy form



regulation of an organism's internal conditions to maintain life


any inherited characteristic that results from changes to a species over time


body of knowledge based on the study of nature


explanation of a natural phenomenon supported by many observations and experiments over time

List the parts of the scientific method

form a hypothesis,collect data, ask a question, report conclusions, analyze data


testable explanation of a situation


the occurrence of accidental or unexpected but fortunate results


data collected in numbers


data that are descriptions of what our senses detect

MSDS stands for

material safety data sheet

In an experiment tom figures out that a plant uses the leaves to absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide which help the plant gain it's energy- characteristic of life?

living things need energy

Variable in cats meow lab

kind of milk

piece of lab equipment to measure the milk in a glass

graduated cylinder

piece of lab equipment to measure mass

triple beam balance

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