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PTG 151 Chapter 7 Community Pharmacy Dispensing


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A pharmacy Technician may legally
Take a prescription from a patient and update a patient's profile
In many instances, it is considered acceptable for a pharmacy technician to
Take prescription refill information by telephone.
The patient's computerized profile may be updated by the
technician and the Pharmacist
The technician may legally
repackage medications
Depending on store procedures and on state laws,the medication container label may be
Affixed to the container by the person generating the label and affixed to the container once checked by the pharmacist.
In the process of filling prescriptions,___________ accuracy is expected.
As the pharmacy technician prepares to fill a prescription, he or she should check for accuracy
several times.
Medical history includes information such as
All of the above ( Current disease state, Allergies, and adverse drug reactions
Medication history includes
B and C ( Current OTC medications and refill information)
If a patient profile is not complete
The technician may ask the patient for the missing information.
Why should the pharmacy technician ask about allergies when filling a prescription for an antibiotic?
All of the above ( Antibiotics are the most common medication allergy, Allergy to an antibiotic may develop even after having safely taken it before, and the patient may have never reported an allergy before.
The DEA number on a prescription authorizes the
physician to prescribe controlled substances.
A prescription must include the
Full first name and last name of the patient
Under current law, which of the following is not required to be on a prescription?
disease state being treated.
the patient's birth date is helpful to
All of the Above ( distinguish among patients with the same name, process third-party billing, and evaluate the appropriateness of the drug and dose.)
The prescriber's___________ should be included on the prescription
A generic drug is usually
All of the above ( less expensive than its brand name drug, chemically equivalent to the brand name drug, and substituted for an equivalent brand name drug.)
Refills for a prescription can be given when the
refill space is filled in.
"Dispense as written" means:
do not substitute a generic
The prescription's SIG refers to the
directions for the patient to follow.
In general, a prescription refill request more than____ prior to the next refill date will be rejected by the insurance company.
once week
A prescription is received for regular insulin 4 units SC AC. When should the insulin be given?
before meals.
A prescription is received for Keflex 500 mg q6h. How often should the medication be taken?
every 6 hours.
A prescription is called in for Tobradex eye drops 2 drops OS tid. where should these drops be administered?
in the left eye
In which case(s) will refills not be authorized despite refills being listed on the medication container label?
Both A and C ( prescription is more than 12 months old, and prescription has been transferred to another pharmacy)
When can the technician enter a prescription that has been called into the pharmacy?
Once the pharmacist transcribes it to writing.
Select the true statement regarding transferring a prescription
Once a transfer occurs, it is "closed" at the originating pharmacy
which of the following is true regarding signatures on Schedule II prescriptions?
must be handwritten
Which of the following is true regarding prescriptions for Schedule II drugs?
All of the above ( A physicians address ( not a post office box) is required, there may be limits on the quantity dispensed, and refills are not authorized.
Without consulting with any non-pharmacy personnel, how can a falsified DEA number be recognized?
Follow step by step mathematical formula.
In which of the following case(s) should one be suspicious of a potentially forged prescription?
A and C ( missing or incorrect DEA number and misspellings on the prescription)
Schedule II and IV prescriptions
May be refilled up to five times within six months
The _____ reviews the patient profile to make sure a new prescription will not cause any harmful drug interaction.
What is the purpose of the National Drug Code ( NDC) number in preparing a prescription?
It helps in identifying the exact drug, dose, and package size to be filled
At which point in the prescription filling process should the stock drug label be checked?
All of the above ( when it is pulled from the shelf, at the time of preparation, and when it is returned to the shelf)
If dropped on the counter while being counted, a tablet should be picked up with
Equipment used for counting medications should be cleaned with
Isopropyl alcohol.
A_______ is a fixed number of dose units in a drug stock container.
Unit of use
If a medication is out of stock ( OOS) what are some options for filling the prescription?
All of the above ( allow the patient to take the prescription to another pharmacy, borrow the medication from another pharmacy, and order the medication from the wholesaler.)
Amber vials are named according to ______ size.
Prescription labels can be directly applied to
metered-dose inhalers
The Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 requires that all prescription drugs be packed in
Child-resistant containers
Expectations to the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 include
Nitroglycerin tablets
The ____ contains the dosage directions from the prescriber
Medication container label
The medication container label must contain the
Address of the pharmacy
Auxiliary labels are attached to a container label to
Supplement the information on the container
The____ contains information on how to safely use a prescribed medication.
Patient information sheet
The purpose of MedGuide is to
Warn patients for potential adverse reactions of high-risk medications
As required by law, the pharmacist must check
Every prescription
The pharmacist's initialing a prescription after the pharmacy technician completes the fill indicates that the
Pharmacist assumes resposibility for its correctness