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What is the uniform worn in class?
The Navy Service
Covers may be worn...?
When outdoors or when in formation
The device worn on the wearer's left side of the garrison cap is called?
The Fouled Anchor
The fouled anchor is worn_____ back from the crease and_____ from the bottom edge of the garrison cap.
2 inches/ 1 1/2 inches
Service stars are worn_____ above the top row of ribbons.
The center of both the rank and JROTC bar insignia should be______ from the collar's point.
1 and 7/8ths of an inch
The JROTC patch features the insignia of?
The ACE (Anchor, Constitution, and Eagle)
For males, the nametag is to be placed centered _____ above the wearer's ______ breast pocket.
1/4 inch, right
When 2 or more service stars are worn, they are placed _______ apart.
1/4 inch
On the male uniform, the ribbons are to be worn centered ____ above the wearer's________ breast pocket.
1/4 inch , left
An Irish Pennant (IP)is...?
A Loose Thread
The Relaxed-Fit Jacket is to be worn with the zipper...?
3/4 to all the way
The top of the ribbons/nametag on the female uniform is to be aligned to:
The bottom edge of the top button
On the male belt, the belt is worn with the belt tip facing the wearer's left or right?
What is the regulation for watches/bracelets in uniform?
One watch/bracelet per wrist
How many rings may a cadet wear in uniform?
1 per hand
Can a male wear earrings on uniform day?
How many earrings can a female wear (per ear) on uniform day? What should they look like?
1 per ear
silver or gold stud
What is the maximum bulk (height) of male hair?
2 inches