8 terms

Sarah Plain and Tall

How do the children recognize Sarah?
The children recognize Sarah because she is wearing a brown shirt and a yellow hat
Why does Papa put an advertisement in the newspaper?
papa puts an advertisement in the newspaper because he wants to get married and he wants a mom for the kids.
Why doesn't Papa sign anymore?
papa doesnt sign anymore because his wife he had has died and he is sad.
Why is Anna afraid that Sarah will not come?
Anna was afraid that Sarah will not come because they live far away from the sea where Anna lives.
The first thing Anna wants to know about Sarah is?
Can Sarah sing
How does Sarah bring the ocean with her?
Sarah brought her cat a sea shell and herself a stone.
What kind of look does Sarah have when she sees the Plains?
Sarah was sad and lonely because there was no sea.
What does Sarah give Caleb?
Sarah gives Caleb a sea shell.