English Vocab 30 Quiz

This is for English Vocab 30 Quiz.
attenuate (verb)
a. to make slender, fine, or small - b. to reduce in force, value, amount, or degree
diaphanous (adjective)
a. of such fine texture as to be transparent - b. vague; lacking substance
effulgent (adjective)
shining brilliantly; radiant; brightly
encumber (verb)
a. to put a heavy load on; to burden or weigh down - b. to hinder; to impede
evanescent (adjective)
vanishing or likely to vanish like vapor; fleeting
palpable (adjective)
a. capable of being handled, touched, or felt - b. obvious; easily perceived; noticeable
permeate (verb)
a. to spread or flow throughout - b. to pass through the openings or spaces of
pliant (adjective)
a. easily bent or flexed - b. easily altered or modified; adaptable - c. yielding easily to influence or domination
ponderous (adjective)
a. heavy; difficult to carry due to weight or bulk - b. lacking grace ad fluency
viscous (adjective)
sticky and think; resistant to flow